Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Pragmatic Experiment

I would sum up the Obama presidency thus:

A socio-political experiment to determine whether the stupidity of American voters is sufficient to observe a governing body empirically undermining the financial interests, national security, and personal liberties of these same people, undisguised and in plain view over the course of nearly four years, and yet still voluntarily support this ruling body in its bid to further expand its own power at the expense of the basic rights, freedoms, dignity, opportunity, and prosperity of the people.

The proposition this experiment aims to discover is whether the American’s hierarchy of values, his moral code, even his rational coherence as a sane member of society, are all up for sale for the mere price of economic demagoguery.  Has the price of the American soul been reduced to untenable promises, disproved mantras, self-refuting claims, free government cell phones, free condoms, and a PR-branding push that elevates willing supporters to an elite, righteous sanctimony, while labeling anyone who opposes the bizarre self-surrender to a hostile government with the most viscerally repugnant rhetorical sins: racist, murderer, xenophobic, lovers of wealth, haters of fellow humankind?

It is as though Mephistopheles has arrived on the scene of the downtown boulevard, picked up by the inuring glare of 10,000 cell phone cameras all streaming live, and his only question to the inquiring electorate is whether they’re in for a few free contraceptives?  WHAT SAY YOU, SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD DEAL?

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