Saturday, July 21, 2012

Entry The First: A Question, America -

I wonder - 

If President Obama were to lob the heads off the Koch brothers on live national tv inside the Oval Office, would the US media unanimously blame Bush?  Would the View and MSNBC and a coalition of Hollywood stars all agree it proves Romney is too rich and successful to be President?  Would legions of internet trolls refuse to answer any questions about it whatsoever?  Would Bill Maher donate another $1 million?  Would Letterman quip, "You've gotta hand it to him, that's really showing some executive privilege, I tell you!"  Would Axelrod and Van Jones and Al Sharpton and Reverend Wright blame the capitalist system of white privilege?  And would John Boehner induce apoplectic convulsions on the floor of the Capitol building, declaring that finally, once and for all, Republicans were going to issue a really, really, really serious statement?  The statement to end all statements, no less.


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